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Automatic Sub/Project generation in AX 2012

Have you ever tried to generate a sub/Project by X++ code?

In this blog we will explain how to generate a sub/project by code, for this we are going to do the following:

Workflow Projects Automatic Budget approval.

Into the creation process of a Project that contains many sub-projects, one of the important points take into account is the budget.    

Automatic mark a Settlement Transactions on a Payment Journal in AX 2012

Do you know that you can mark the transactions to settle in a journal in an automatic way?

In this post we will explain how to do just that, for this we are going to create a job in AX and we will add the following lines of code:

Automatic transactions reorganization in AX 2012.

In this example we are going to show you an example of an Automatic transaction reorganization.  Here we are going to   liquidate an invoice.  For this we do the following:

Automatic Journal creation with Standard classes in AX 2012.

When we are going to create a Journal in AX 2012 there is a simple way to automate the journal creation detailed below: