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In Visual Studio 2008 and Dynamics AX2009, how to fill automatically a value from one field to another

For this  we give you an example. In this example we create two store procedures, create a design in Visual Studio, create a datasource and the two data sets to fill the report. Then we create the form which calls the report to visualize the automatic filling.

Update subproject budget automatically in AX 2012

In this blog we are going to create a subproject manually and then, with AX  code, we will create a budget  automatically.

First we show you below the project P-2000:

Generating a budget automatically in AX 2012 with x++ code.

For the generation of the budget on AX 2012 we follow a set of steps that can be complex and tedious at the moment of creating, in this blog we will make it easier, we will teach you how to create them automatically.

For this we will do the following:

How to create articles automatically(by code) inside a sub-project in AX 2012

Have you ever tried to create articles inside a sub-project with x++ code?

In this post we show you how to do it.

For this example we are going to create a Job that will execute a method that will create the  items.

Automatically align columns in “Reports” in Ax 2012/2009.

When we make a report using “Reports” at the moment of aligning the columns to displays the totals, the lines, the head of the report, we have to do so manually and this is a time consuming task.