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In Visual Studio 2008 and Dynamics AX2009, how to fill automatically a value from one field to another

For this  we give you an example. In this example we create two store procedures, create a design in Visual Studio, create a datasource and the two data sets to fill the report. Then we create the form which calls the report to visualize the automatic filling.

Native SSRS withouth use the AX 2009 reported

For this blog, we are going to take the Payment Order example, in the clicked method, we instance the AwLaSSRSReportViewer class and the parameters send is done.

SSRS with Stored Procedures in AX 2009.

We are going to create a SSRS Report with stored procedures, in this example we will take the Ledger Journal Report.

Open SQL Management Studio

InventTrans Table has different structure between AX2009 and AX2012. How to fix it when migrating?

In Ax 2009 the table InventTrans contains the field TransType that identifies the transaction type(Transactions,