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Generating alerts for various users within a profile group automatically in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

In AX standard we can trigger an alert to a single  user but we cannot do it to a Group of users within a profile Group in a single trigger.  For example, if I have a profile group “RetailStoreManager” and this group has two members, we can extend the alerts automatically to all members.

To generate an alert destinated to a single user,  we do  the following code:

How to realize fast documentation in AX.

When you are developing in AX,  a fundamental part to have an optimal code is to have good comments.  A quick way to do it is by using a script editor.

Split a string into a container in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Some times when developing we encounter some strings of which we only need a segment of the string, let’s say for example the addresses on AX that are formed by several lines.

Native SSRS withouth use the AX 2009 reported

For this blog, we are going to take the Payment Order example, in the clicked method, we instance the AwLaSSRSReportViewer class and the parameters send is done.

In AX Retail, how to display only the establishment information in “Facturacion” and “Nota de Credito” forms.

We are required to change the query forms of “Facturacion” and “Nota de Credito” of a selected field as shown below:

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 connection using the method LogonAs.

First, we are going to add Business Connector .NET reference, explain in the following block.

Ledger Dimension Creation on Ax 2012 R1/R2

In AX 2012 to obtain a Individual Dimension a number combination is used, the DimensionAttributeValueCombination table contains information about accounts and various dimensions combinations that are used.

Restore a Demo Virtual machine downloaded from the Microsoft Partner Source for Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Retail.

To download a Virtual Machine from the Microsoft Partner Source is necessary to Log on with a Partner Source User and Password.

Create in AX a text file from a job using StreamWriter or TextIo

There are two ways to create a text file from a job with x++ code:

Error in a Buffer size when trying to open a form in AX

When we try to open a form, sometimes, appears the following error in the Buffer size: