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Generate Dialog.GenericLookup with table data from Dynamics AX in POS for Retail.

For this example we modified the NewCustomer form of the POS, add a button to search information about the Dynamics AX table, for this, is necessary to add a button to the form, them, generate a SQL query and generate a GenericLookup

Use DataGridView in a form add to the POS take data from Dynamics AX 2012 for Retail

First, we open the POS-Plugins services in Visual Studio and inside the BlankOperations service add a Windows Form.

Block data insert using RecordSortedList in AX 2012.

For this example, we are going to create a “job”, it will be used to load blocks of data by using RecordSortedList

Format the data input from AX 2012 to ORACLE (ODBC)

The Sales Orders processed from the Solution System, source of information which works with the Sales Interface and registry in the AXAPTA ERP. The send information has processing two cases, Normal Client and Final Client.

Transfer the data from a form to a third form.

For this example we take the forms of transfers  Journals.