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Receiving controlled parameters automatically in a SSRS report with Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012.

When we want to print reports from a form and send filtered parameters using RDP (Report Data Provider) is advisable to use a controller class. This class allows catching the object from its path, thus avoid selecting the parameters manually.

Here we are going to show you how to do this:

Fix Report Manager on Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Have you ever tried to edit a SSRS report with report builder in another browser different than Internet Explorer?

Want to save time generation a report in Dynamics AX?. Use “Programmable Section” with no tables.

In this blog we are going to learn to generate a report starting with a Programmable Section.

For this, inside the design in “Generate Design option”,  we create our Programmable Section

Creating a drill-through report in AX 2012

We want to see all his vendors in a list and want to iterate vendors to all of their purchase orders, and to their purchase order details. For this, it needs a report in the system which could display a list of vendors with drill-through capability to iterate to all purchase orders for the selected vendor, and also to the purchase order details when the purchase order ID is selected.

Edit an SSRS Report on ReportBuilder

First we need to enter our report folder using a web browser in this case our folder is located at win-i1sql75btid/Reports_MSSQLSERVER1. This will show the following window:

Careful when creating a report called from a class

At the time of generating a General Ledger report called from a class, taken for the example below, it opens a Dialog